Oct 19 - Archdiocese Statement on Council of Parishes Filing With Holy Father*

“We have not had an opportunity to review the full submission by the Council of Parishes. 

However, the appeals process, just concluded, was a lengthy and thorough effort which included participation by the highest court in the Vatican, the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura.  When the Signatura makes a ruling it does so in the name of the Holy Father (as provided for in Canon 1629,1 of the Code of Canon Law).  There are no further appeals options available to the petitioners.   

It is important to note that Cardinal Seán has kept his promise not to take any steps regarding the closed parishes while they were in appeal.  He has made good on that promise with great patience and pastoral concern for the parishioners involved.  The cost in time, talent and treasure to our Archdiocese is not something we can continue to sustain for an extended period of time.  Our commitment to rebuilding and healing in the Archdiocese is critically important for the future of our local Church. 
The Archdiocese continues to seek a peaceful and prayerful resolution to the vigils.”