FY09 Compendium of Related Organizations

This Finance website provides a comprehensive summary of the financial condition of the Archdiocese of Boston. It presents a look at all of the entities that comprise the Archdiocese with a primary focus on the principal operating entity, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Boston, A Corporation Sole. Through full disclosure, and a clear description of our organizational structure and the recognition of the impact of our difficult recent history, we hope to provide the faithful a better understanding as possible of our financial status.

The numbers in this section are meaningful only when put within the context of ministry. As Catholics, we are charged with the mission of spreading the Gospel in word and in deed. That mission is served when a priest says Mass and when a child attends religious education class; it is also served when a soup kitchen feeds someone in need or a pastoral minister visits a hospital patient. The numbers within this report do not define who we are as a Church, but they do provide a picture of the resources available to carry out our mission. And they tell us we have a great deal of work to do.


The Catholic Cemetery Association of the Archdiocese of Boston Inc. financials  

Community Relations

Boston Catholic Television Center, Inc.   
Massachusetts Catholic Conference Inc. financials   


Archbishop Williams High School, Inc.  financials
Archdiocesan Central High Schools, Inc. financials 
Bishop Fenwick High School, Inc.  financials 
Cardinal Spellman High School, Inc.  financials   
Cathedral High School, Inc.  financials 
Lowell Catholic High School, Inc.  financials 
Marian High School, Inc. financials  
Matignon High School, Inc.    
Mother Caroline Academy for Girls financials
North Cambridge Catholic Corporate Work Study Program Inc   
North Cambridge Catholic High School, Inc.   
Pope John Paull II Catholic Academy, Inc. financials
Pope John XXIII High School, Inc. 


St. Columbkille School, Inc. financials
St. Mary's High School financials
St. Sebastian's School Inc.  financials
St. Sebastian's School Fund, Inc. financials
Trinity Catholic Academy, Inc. financials
The Catholic Foundation of the Archdiocese of Boston Inc.   
The Catholic Schools Foundation, Inc.  financials
Church of St. Charles Borromeo Educational Foundation financials
Development of Marian Education financials
Marian High School Support Fund, Inc. (The) financials
Fund for Catholic Schools, Inc. (The)  
St. Mary's High School Foundation, Inc.  financials  
Caritas Christi  financials  
Franciscan Hospital for Children, Inc. financials
St. Mary's Women and Children's Center, Inc. financials
Health, Retirement & Investment Trusts  
Archdiocese of Boston Clergy Benefit Trust   
Archdiocese of Boston Clergy Retirement/Disability Trust   
Archdiocese of Boston Clergy Medical/Hospitalization Trust     
Benefit Trust for Non-Incardinated Priests Duly Assigned for Service in the Archdiocese of Boston  financials
Caritas Christi Retirement Plan and Trust   
Common Investment Fund, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Boston   
Fixed Income Investment Fund, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Boston   
Massachusetts Catholic Self-Insurance Group, Inc.  
RCAB Collective Investment Partnership   
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston Health Benefit Trust 


Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston Life Insurance and Long-Term Disability Plans  
Pension Plan & Trust of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston  
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston Transition Assistance Program Trust  
Blessed John XXIII National Seminary, Inc.    
St. John's Seminary   
Regina Cleri, Incorporated   
The Missionary Society of St. James the Apostle   financials 
Catholic Action League of Massachusetts, Inc. (The) financials
Columbia Road Community Development Corporation, Inc. financials
Cushing Hall, Inc. financials
Massachusetts Catholic Woman's Guild financials
Propagation of the Faith of Boston, Inc. (The) financials   
West Broadway Community Development Corporation, Inc. financials
Social Service  
Catholic Charitable Bureau of the Archdiocese of Boston, Inc.      
Catholic Social Services, Inc. financials
Life Resources Inc. financials  
The Office of Outreach, Assistance, Education and Prevention of the Archdiocese of Boston, Inc.  financials
Planning Office for Urban Affairs, Inc.  financials   
St. Ann's Home, Inc.  
St. Francis Charities, Inc. financials