October 1, 2021 - Parishes of the Archdiocese of Boston Raise $442,000 for Haiti Relief

News October 1, 2021

The parishes of the Archdiocese of Boston raised $442,000 through a special collection in late August for earthquake relief efforts in Haiti. On August 14th a deadly earthquake struck Haiti causing great loss of life and enormous damage. The special collection supports relief efforts operated by Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and the Church in Haiti.
Cardinal Seán P. O’Malley, OFM said, “We are blessed by the generosity of our parishioners and the deep and prayerful concern for the suffering being experienced by the Haitian people. The funds raised by the special collection will be a great help to meeting the many diverse needs in Haiti.”
The Cardinal added, “Having recently visited Haiti, it is clear the people of Haiti are experiencing devastating poverty and dislocation. This is the result of a number of natural disasters over the past ten years, most recently a massive earthquake on August 14th. Political turmoil, the impact of COVID and ongoing threats posed by gangs have contributed greatly to a lack of stability for the Haitian people. We continue to join in solidarity with the Haitian community in the Archdiocese of Boston praying for their loved ones in Haiti.”
To learn more about CRS work in Haiti please click here.