Natural Family Planning

NFP is an umbrella term for certain methods used to achieve or avoid pregnancy. These methods are based on the observation and interpretation of the naturally occurring biological markers of the fertile and infertile phases of a woman’s menstrual cycle.  NFP is distinct from calendar rhythm, is applicable to all women, and can be used at any stage of a woman’s reproductive life.

Marriage Prep
If the priest or deacon preparing you for marriage has asked that you attend an NFP Introduction Session, the archdiocesan program Transformed in Love does contain an introductory session and will meet this requirement.
For more dates and locations for Transformed in Love please click here.

NFP Week

NFP Week Webinar, July 2022

Finding Fruitfulness in the Desert: A Webinar for Couples Struggling with Infertility
In this virtual workshop, Springs in the Desert, a Catholic infertility ministry that accompanies those carrying this cross, discusses the experience of infertility and acknowledge the unique grief and isolation it brings. They offer encouragement and strategies to help couples strengthen their identities in Christ and discover God’s unique plan for fruitfulness within their marriages. Watch the recording here.

Previous NFP Week Webinars

Method Match: How to choose a natural Fertility Awareness Method That Works for You! Two local certified NFP instructors, Christina Valenzuela and Mikayla Dalton, were joined by Dr. Patricia Jay, GYN in an interactive webinar to help couples navigate the crowded field of fertility awareness methods, apps, and tools. Whether you are new to NFP or looking to make a method switch, this webinar is a helpful tool. Watch the recording  

All Things NFP Q & A Webinar. Six Natural Family Planning experts in their fields answered participants questions ranging from methods, reproductive disorders, effectiveness, conceiving, and moral dilemmas, etc. To view the webinar, click here. 

NFP – What Is It and Why Does the Church Support It? Click here to watch this webinar for our Spanish speaking audiences featuring Dr. Pilar Calva, Dr. Francisco Vargas, and NFP Instructor, Alicia Javier. 

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