Postpartum NFP Instructional Program - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q. What is the Postpartum NFP Instructional Program?
A. The Postpartum Instructional Program is specifically designed to meet the needs of the breastfeeding mother. Women in the program have the option of using cervical fluid, basal body temperature and the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor™ alone, or in combination, to determine fertile and infertile days.
Note: The use of the ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor™ is highly recommended.

Q. How is the program conducted?
A. The program is conducted via phone, email and or Skype. Depending on the woman’s prior experience with NFP, the program consists of one or two instructional sessions and one scheduled follow-up session.  Additional chart follow-up is available through the return of six regular cycles at no additional charge.

Q. How effective is the NFP breastfeeding protocol during the first 12 months postpartum?
A.  The NFP breastfeeding protocol used in the Archdiocesan Postpartum Program is derived from the NFP breastfeeding protocol developed at the Marquette University Institute of Natural Family Planning.  This protocol is 92% - 98% effective during the first 12 months post-partum. 
Note: Stated efficacy is for the NFP breastfeeding protocol that includes use of the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor.™ 

Q. Is the program conducted by certified instructors?
A. Yes. All instructors are certified and have successfully completed the Archdiocese of Boston NFP Teacher Training Program which meets the Standards for NFP Teacher Training Programs set forth by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Q. What is the fee for the program?
A. The fee for the Postpartum NFP Instructional Program is $300. The fee includes 
a) instructional sessions, b) unlimited chart consults and follow-up through return to regular
ovulatory cycles, and  c) materials
Q. What materials are provided?
• Printed instructional material
• Breastfeeding chart

Q. When is the fee payable?
A. The fee is due prior to the first session.

Q. Is the fee refundable?
A. The fee paid for the program is not refundable.

To register or for more information contact: Mikayla Dalton by Email.