Forming Teams for Mission

Individual disciples who have responded to their calls to holiness and their unique roles in the mission of the Church can bear great fruit for the Kingdom when they intentionally walk side by side with other disciples, under the leadership of their pastor, toward the same vision – sharpening each other’s unique gifts along the way. Teamwork makes the dream work!

The Collaborative Support Team (CST) serves parish communities in forming teams for mission by meeting the specific needs of an individual community within its current stage in team formation of leadership, staff, councils, and/or volunteers.

Stages of Team Formation:

  • Assess: As a pastor discerns the needs of his parish in achieving its mission, the CST offers consultation in drafting the most effective team structure, defining responsibilities for team roles within that structure, and inventorying current teammate responsibilities and skillsets compared to the proposed team structure. Please reach out to your Human Resources Consultant for more information.
  • Build: Once the team structure is designed to meet the needs of the individual community, the CST can assist you in recruiting and hiring talent to join the team! Please reach out to our dedicated Recruiter Christine Duddy, your Human Resources Consultant, and/or the appropriate member of the CST if you are ready to conduct a talent search. 
  • Develop: In an effort to grow as disciples, achieve the mission, and bear the most fruit, effective teams of disciples prayerfully seek to pursue excellence in their roles and as a team. To assist in this effort, the CST offers staff development days catered and designed to help members of the team grow in their own discipleship, connect their roles to the mission, and build team effectiveness. Reach out to your Human Resources Consultant or your Evangelization Consultant to explore various options that might meet the needs of your team - all with the mission as the end goal. 

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