Feb 8 - 2009 Catholic Appeal Surpasses $15.0 Million Goal*

Equals Previous Year’s Total

Braintree, February 8, 2010 -- Rising to the challenges presented by an historic economic recession the Archdiocese of Boston announced today that its flagship fundraiser, the Catholic Appeal, surpassed its $15.0 million goal for the 2009 campaign. The $15.1 million raised for the 2009 Catholic Appeal equals the Appeal’s 2008 campaign total and reflects the support of a growing number of parishioners from the previous year. 

The 2009 campaign, Responding to God’s Grace, Renewing Our Church, was launched on March 7, 2009.  Contributions to the Catholic Appeal serve as the primary source of financial support for the Archdiocese’s Central Operating Fund and its many central ministries.  Services provided by the Archdiocese from the Central Operating Fund include training and faith formation for both clergy and laity, curriculum development for the religious education of children and young adults, various training, operational and financial services to parishes, schools and agencies, and ministry to over 30 culturally and ethnically unique Catholic populations throughout the Archdiocese.

“The success of this year’s Appeal in such a difficult economic climate demonstrates once again the generosity, faith and commitment of the people of this Archdiocese to sustain our ministries,” stated Cardinal Seán O’Malley, Archbishop of Boston. “I am pleased to learn of the growth in the number of parishioners who supported this important Appeal and continued our Catholic tradition of sharing for the sake of others.  To all who have given of themselves so generously, thank you.”

Scot Landry, Archdiocesan Secretary for Institutional Advancement, pointed to the leadership of pastors and lay leaders in the success of the 2009 Appeal.  “Pastors have shaped our Appeal campaign and have led it in all our parishes.  They deserve the credit and our gratitude.  We are also very pleased by the growth of our Cardinal’s Leadership Circle and salute Damien Devasto and John Irwin for their efforts as well as Kevin Gill, chair of our major gifts committee.   Our Archdiocese is blessed to have so many priests and parishioners that lead by example and inspire others to sacrifice for these vital ministries.” 

Cardinal Seán will launch the 2010 Catholic Appeal, Called to Love and Share, on March 5-7, 2010. 

Recent Trends/Campaign Year/Pledges/Goals/Participants 2002-2009

Catholic Appeal 2009
$15.1 million (pledges)
$15 million (goal)
48,838 (participants)

Catholic Appeal 2008
$15.1 million (pledges)
$15 million (goal)
48,023 (participants)

Catholic Appeal 2007
$14.6 million (pledges)
$14 million (goal)
48,772 (participants)

Catholic Appeal 2006
$13.8 million (pledges)
$13 million (goal)
48,173 (participants)

Catholic Appeal 2005
$12 million (pledges)
$12 million (goal)
49,706 (participants)
Catholic Appeal 2004
$11 million (pledges)
$11 million (goal)
53,858 (participants)

Catholic Appeal 2003
$10.5 million (pledges)
$10 million (goal)
43,922 (participants)

Catholic Appeal 2002
$8.8 million (pledges)
$N/A (goal)
40,739 (participants)