Braintree, MA (January 13, 2015):  Within the past week the Archdiocese of Boston has learned of the potential indecent exposure by a worker at Immaculate Conception School in Revere during the course of using the boy’s bathroom, which is intended for the exclusive use of the students.  We have been informed of three potential incidents where this may have occurred during the course of the school day over the past month and one-half.
Upon first learning of this news during the past few days, the Archdiocese directed that the worker be placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation.  Additionally, this matter has been reported to the proper authorities for their review.
Schools and parishes have strict guidelines and policies to follow when such matters are brought to their attention.  As a parish school, the pastor is ultimately responsible for insuring that all staff adhere to these policies.  With regards to Immaculate Conception in Revere, the pastor, principal and a teacher have resigned their positions due to their failure to report these possible incidents in a timely manner.
The Archdiocese will immediately appoint a Temporary Administrator of Immaculate Conception Parish.  The Catholic Schools Office is appointing an interim principal to take over leadership of the school.  A private meeting with parents will be scheduled by the school in the coming days. 
When it comes to the safety of our children, there can be no breakdown in following well established and effective policies.  When mistakes are made we must hold ourselves accountable.  We are grateful that the pastor, principal and teacher have accepted responsibility.  This is not a reflection of their entire professional and ministerial careers.  It is the result of a failure regarding this specific issue.  By taking this action today, we believe it serves as teaching moment for our entire community to reinforce once again the importance of staying vigilant in the protection of our children.