September 23, 2015 - Papal Pictures of the Day: Papal Mass at Catholic University of America

The Archdiocese of Boston's George Martell, who is accompanying seminarians on pilgrimage from St. John's Seminary, has uploaded photos from Catholic University of America where the Pope is celebrating his first Mass in the USA.
(Photo credit: George Martell/Archdiocese of Boston)
Pope Cuba 4 
Archdiocesan Officials on Pilgrimage in Washington, DC and Philadelphia:
Washington, DC/Catholic University of America
Saint John Seminarians on Pilgrimage: (Photo Credit: George Martell/Archdiocese of Boston)
Fr. Paul Soper, Secretary of Evangelization and
Michael Lavigne, Assistant Secretary of Evangelization and
Fr. Matt Williams, Director of New Evangelization for Youth & Young
Follow along on the Papal trip to the U.S.  With CatholicTV and The Pilot.
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Greg Tracy/The Pilot is currently traveling with the Cardinal to Cuba and then on to the U.S. portion of the trip.