December 24, 2015 - Cardinal Sean’s Christmas Message


Cardinal Sean serving dinner at Pine Street Inn

(photo credit Gregory Tracy/The Pilot)


We are pleased to provide the Cardinal's Christmas message.
To download the message, please click here.     

The audio message is available for broadcast and publication.

Please credit CatholicTV/Archdiocese of Boston which was gracious in producing the audio.


Following are sample quotes from the text found in the message:

"Part of the message of Christmas is that God comes to us in littleness, in simplicity and in hiddenness."

"We are invited with the shepherds to the cave of Bethlehem to listen to the tiny whisper and to glimpse God's love in the face of a child."

"Christmas is about joy."

"Christmas joy is about discovering and building solidarity with our families, with our community with the human beings on the planet and with our Creator."

"We glorify God by being peace makers, by being people of reconciliation and mercy."
"We all have opportunities to be peacemakers in a world where there are so many divisions, so many tensions, so many conflicting interests."

"Christmas is an invitation to become a seeker, to journey into the night to go to Bethlehem and discover our hidden God who is in plain sight."


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