June 16, 2017 - Cardinal's Statement on Virginia Shooting

“Like the rest of the American public, I was shocked by the terrible shooting that took place earlier this week in Arlington, Virginia, where a group of Republican Congressmen were practicing for a charity baseball game against a team of their Democratic colleagues — just the type of social interaction we need to see more of in our Congress, which has become so polarized and paralyzed by partisan differences.

Tragically, an obviously very disturbed person who was unhappy with the current political situation chose to try to harm those Congressmen as they were innocently practicing. We know that if not for the heroism of the Capitol Police who were present, this tragedy could have been significantly worse.

This event certainly underscores the danger of the violent rhetoric and the atmosphere of polarization and intolerance for others’ opinions that can lead people to demonize others and to even commit violence. It calls into question, too, our country’s tolerance for making weapons so available to the general population without careful screening and background checks.

We want Congressman Steve Scalise and the three others injured in the attack to know that we are praying for them and their complete and speedy recovery.”