November 12, 2018 - Archdiocese of Boston Statement

The US Bishops gathered at their annual assembly in Baltimore with the intention of approving new policies and procedures for their accountability regarding sexual abuse by clergy, including any of their membership, and an independent third party system for reporting any allegations of sexual abuse or negligence involving bishops.

The Holy See’s call to delay a final vote on these matters until after the global sexual abuse summit that will take place in Rome in February was unexpected. But it does not change Cardinal O’Malley’s commitment to zero tolerance of sexual abuse by clergy and mandated reporting to law enforcement, civil authorities and appropriate Church leadership. In the meantime it provides the Church an opportunity to prepare recommendations that can be considered for implementation by the universal Church when the meeting in Rome convenes in February.

The Archdiocese holds among its highest priorities providing the best possible assurance of safe environments for children and vulnerable adults, credentialed training and prevention programs, working with civil authorities including law enforcement and life-long care for survivors.

Cardinal O’Malley will continue to vigorously advocate for revising the Dallas Charter to hold bishops accountable, greater transparency including the release of names of clergy accused of abuse and increased lay involvement and leadership.