Video Clips

Video Segments  
Cardinal Seán O’Malley: Introduction/Welcome (4:21)
Created IN Love, Created BY Love, Created FOR Love: Fr. Matt Williams (6:43)  
What Satisfies Our Hearts: Jason Evert (2:40)   
Teens Talk: Relying on God (1:43)
Teens Talk: What Would Jesus Do? (1:00)  
Teens Talk: Why Believe? Why Pray? (1:45)  
 Teens Talk: Types of Love (3:40)      

 Teens Talk: God’s Love for Us (1:13)
What is Love?  Pete & Therese (2:40)
Teens Talk: Our Faith Teaches Us About Authentic Love (7:48)
Teens Talk: God Gives Us Hope! (1:12)
Teens Talk: Authentic Love & Chastity (4:07)
What is Chastity: Jason Evert (4:01)
What is Love? God’s Plan for Dating: Jason Evert (4:14)
What is a Vocation? Collin & Meghan (1:29)
Vocations: It’s Everybody’s Business: Providence College Seminarians (6:46)
God’s Call to Priesthood, Part 1: Mike (6:10)
God’s Call to Priesthood, Part 2: Kevin (3:07)
My Vocation Story: Fr. Matt Williams (11:17)
God’s Call to Religious Life: Daughters of Mary of Nazareth (7:25)

A Forever Love: Pete & Therese (12:39)
What is Marriage: Jason Evert (3:41)
Dating & the Road to Marriage: Collin & Meghan (4:58)
Chastity: Saying YES to Love! Collin & Meghan (2:09)
Christ-Centered Relationships: Collin & Meghan (3:03)
Role Models of Authentic Love: Collin & Meghan (3:53)
UPDATE! WE ARE MARRIED!!  Collin & Meghan (5:23)
God’s Plan for Dating, Marriage & Parenthood: Brian & Siobhan (10:04)
Adoption: A Gift of Love: Paula (1:03)
Trusting God’s Plan for Families: Kevin & Rose Maria (7:53)
Freedom vs. License: Fr. Matt Williams (5:26)
The Miracle of Life: Catholic Media House (3:33)
Respect for Every Human Life: Katie & Julia (4:16)

God Gives Us What We Need: The Kiley Family (2:48)
Teens Talk: Sex is a Gift from God (4:00)
Teens Talk: Sex is for Marriage (2:11)
Modesty Respects Your Beauty & Dignity: Daughters of Mary of Nazareth (5:12)
You are Worthy of Love: Jason Evert (2:39)

God’s Endless Love & Mercy: Jackie (1:12)
God’s Plan Brings Happiness: Kevin  (1:46)

Teens Talk: Desire for Love is Normal (3:27)

Teens Talk: Respecting Life & God’s Plan (2:54)
Q & A: Evert: Modesty: Inviting Others to Value You in Proper Order (2:16)

 Q & A: Evert: Dating: What’s the Rush?! (4:21) 
Q & A: Identity: Everyone Is Loved by God & His Church (5:56)
Q & A: Evert: For Girls: Inviting Boys To Treat Me With Respect (2:20)
Q & A: Evert: For Girls: Your Heart Deserves Beautiful & Healthy Relationships (2:31) 
Q & A: Evert: For Girls: Dressing Appropriately: Be A Good Example! (3:26) 
Q & A: Evert: For Girls: Standards: Raise the Bar! (5:44)