Researcher Resources

On this page you will find our Parish Boundary Map tool, Genealogy Guide and Cemetery Record Guide, among other helpful resources. 

Please scroll down further to view a selected list of collection guides. Additional collection guides and collections are available to researchers, please contact archive staff to inquire using our contact form or emailing [email protected]

Parish Boundary Map Tool
Click here to access the Parish Boundary Map Tool. 

The landing page will provide details about the map, including a description of territorial parishes, personal/national parishes and the sources used to compile boundary information. 

To access the map, click the thumbnail on the top left, or click "Open in Map Viewer" to the top right.  Once the map has loaded, use the box in the top right to enter an address, it will be plotted on the map to help determine what parish those living at the address would have attended, and other nearby churches.    

Please view the video tutorial below for a more in-depth overview:

Genealogy Guide

Cemetery Record Guide

Cemetery Maps

List of Parish Establishment Dates (through 1900) - Chronological

List of Parish Establishment Dates (through 1900) - By City/Town

List of Ethnic Parishes

Collection Guides

Regretfully, we do not have a public library catalog at this time.  Below is a selection of guides for frequently used collections, we encourage you to contact us for a free research consultation so we may make further recommendations specific to your project.

(Arch)bishops Papers

Papers of the early bishops and archbishops of Boston largely contain correspondence and pastoral letters spanning the lifetime of each prelate.  Beginning with Cardinal O’Connell, papers are more extensive and include photographs, memorabilia, speeches, sermons and administrative records.  Please click on the collection title below to view the respective guide:

Historical Manuscript Collection, 1774-1907

The historical manuscript collection contains a variety of documents spanning 1774 to 1907.  It is arranged chronologically, contains an index at the end, and we also recommend using the “Find” (Ctrl+F) function to search by keyword.  

To view the collection guide please click here. 

Sacramental Records

You can find an inventory of our current holdings by using the following links: