How Can A Marriage Be Declared Null?

How Can A Marriage Be Declared Null?
by Rev. Michael Smith Foster, J.C.D.

[At the time this series was written, Msgr. Michael Foster was the Associate Judicial Vicar of the Archdiocese, serving as a presiding judge on the Metropolitan Tribunal and a collegiate judge on the Provincial Court of Appeal. For a more complete treatment of this subject, see Msgr. Foster's book, Annulment: The Wedding That Was: How The Church Can Declare A Marriage Null, published by Paulist Press.]

1. Marriage First / Nullity Second
2. Other Sacraments Can Also Be Declared Null
3. The Diamond Of Consent
4. A Declaration Of Nullity Based On Force And Fear
5. Was There A Legitimate Manifestation Of The Ministers' Consent?
6. Are The Ministers Qualified According To The Law?
7. Marriage Is Forever ... Or, Is It?
8. Why Tribunals?
9. The Children Are Legitimate
10. Misconceptions About Declarations Of Nullity