A Virtual Retreat with Cardinal Seán - Night 3: Faith: The Key to Meaning and Call to Friendship

Lenten Retreat Session 3: FAITH

  1. Our faith asks us to make a gift of ourselves. Who has the Lord asked you to give your life to?
  2. How does faith help you discover God and His plan for your life?
  3. As you grow in faith, where is God calling you to help “repair the world?”

Christ, Our Light in the Darkness

We will remember this Lent as one “in quarantine.” Social distancing the new norm as daily social interactions are suddenly unavailable to us. Schools are closed. We can’t go out to restaurants. Even public Mass has been suspended to curtail any further spread of this coronavirus. Many people feel alone. Many are scared. And people are thirsting for something good.

The Lord appoints shepherds to lead his flock, to be beacons of light in darkness, and to be instruments of hope to his people in times of despair. This Virtual Lenten Retreat with Cardinal Seán is a means for our shepherd to feed us, to comfort us, and to give us the hope we need right now. 

Join Cardinal Seán on this five-part retreat, using this opportunity to enter more deeply into Lent and grow in your relationship with Christ. 

The retreat will air/stream nightly at 7 p.m. on the Archdiocese of Boston’s Facebook pageCatholicTV, and on www.bostoncatholic.org.

If you are unable to stream or watch the retreat live, you may also watch it on-demand later.